A870 PrimSurfer roller base Expert and Pro Series (All fixed base models)

161.83 $ USD

PrimSurfer roller base for fixed base tool.

PrimSurfer roller base


  • The Two-Way sideshift PRIMSURFER roller assembly combined with the PRIMPACT ™ engine that has the closest reach to the end wall, gives you the ability to lay more square footage per day, and help your body recover faster from a hard day at work. Your wrist and back will thank you.



The PrimSurfer roller base fulfills the need for increased Speed and Precision in large surface as well as residential flooring jobs. Its two-way fluid sideshift extends the natural hand movement and matches the agility of the installer, allowing a constant, comfortable posture that helps eliminate ‘’top nailing’’. Not having to lift the tool repeatedly eases off the feeling of tension in the user’s arm and back. PrimSurfer also provides a substantial gain in time and installed surface, which translates into more benefits for the contractor. First to develop and perfect this groundbreaking addition, Primatech keeps improving it with a new generation composite and lighter carrier frame for its adjustable DIY, PRO and EXPERT series flooring tools.

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Designed for 3/4″ flooring only.

Compatible with Primatech models:

250F, 250F, 210F (220), 240F (260), 245F