The 550ALR is powered by the PRIMPACT striking module and comes standard  with the PrimSurfer roller base combining undeniable versatility. The cam operated height adjuster allows fastening of engineered or solid products from 3/8″ to 3/4″ and the PrimSurfer fulfills the need for increased Speed and Precision in large surface as well as residential flooring jobs. Its two-way fluid sideshift extends the natural hand movement and matches the agility of the installer, allowing a constant, comfortable posture that prevents « top nailing ». Not having to lift the tool repeatedly eases off the feeling of tension in the user’s arm and back.   MORE INFO

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Another exclusive feature is the 550A’s articulated, dual action and fully adjustable base which enables it to deal with an infinite variety of solid / engineered flooring from 3/8″ to 3/4″ (10 to 19mm).

Once set on the board, the front rollers rests firmly against the front edge of the board to keep the tool in position and prevent damaging the top finish.

The cam operated base plate adjuster maintains a consistent angle of penetration to deliver the fastener snugly into the nail pocket of the board with controlled penetration and perfect accuracy.

The compact base makes for a narrower racking gap and contributes stability.

3/4’’ (19mm) factory adjusted
3/8’’ to 3/4’’ (10 to 19mm)

Main features of the 550ALR Version

The 550ALR version features  3 distinctive advantages:

  1. Assembled with A866 PrimeSurfer roller base
  2. Short nose and compact valve design provide an all around striking surface, enabling the nailing of more boards closer to the end walls.
  3. No shims required. The built-in adjuster eliminates the use of shims to match the board thickness.

Unrivaled characteristics

  • Can be actuated from any angle
  • Light mallet impact will set nail perfectly
  • No recoil
  • Simplified maintenance
  • 3/8’’ to 3/4” (10 to 19mm) flooring
  • Dual action and total precision adjustable baseplate

Common features to all versions of the 550ALR

  • High speed action and minimal moving parts result in a powerful yet soft stroke, a shorter air-saving cycle and increased precision.
  • Striking system that regulates the depth of penetration independently from the mallet impact.
  • Finely threaded screw-in cartridge assembly for precision, easy dismantling and durability.
  • Primpact striking module.
  • Ergonomically designed for efficient handling.
  • Heavy duty cast aluminum body.
  • Safety mechanism embedded in baseplate.
  • Highest grade steel piston and driving blade will last longer under repeated impacts.
  • Low center of gravity and perfect balance provide stability.
  • On-site maintenance. An allen wrench is supplied for essential adjustments.
  • Comfort grip.
  • Wood friendly composite shoe.
  • Extruded aluminum nail channel.
  • Accepts 18ga L nails 1 ¼’’ – 1 ½’’ – 1¾ » (32 – 38mm – 45mm).


  • Weight: 8.75 lbs (4.0kg)
  • Height: 17 ¾ » (451mm)
  • Length: 14 ½ » (327mm)
  • Width: 5.250″


  • 3” (78mm) rotating extension handle (A800)

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Poignée standard, 3” poignée d'extension (A800)


Marteau standard de 16", Marteau aluminium 1.5 LBS de 16” (R081), Marteau aluminium 1.5 LBS de 19” (R081L)


magasin allongé de 240 clous L (Q049), Magasin standard

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